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TJ Trailer Guide  
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Patented self-locking TJ Trailer Guide helps align trailer's, boat's and camper’s coupler over tow ball which helps reduce chance of bumper damage. We heat treat the 90 degree bend behind the ball which gives added strength to TJ Trailer Guide where is will take the most force from your trailer coupler.  TJ Trailer Guide also reduces the need to get in and out of your vehicle over and over to check alignment of coupler over tow ball.

Proudly Made in the USA with American Steel

I always found it frustrating trying to hook up my trailer to my hitch. It seemed I was always off just an inch or two and worse yet, I would hit my bumper on my truck. Another dent and still not hooked up. So I thought, there has to be a better way. I had a plan in my head and went from there. I wanted my idea to be easy to use and made from just one piece of steel. I hand-made my first TJ Trailer Guide and tried it out. It worked perfect! A slight bump and the trailer coupler was directly over the tow ball and no new dents in my bumper. I showed my invention to a few friends and everyone wanted one. They said I should make and sell my idea ... So I am. I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.
Thank you for your interest.