2" TJ Trailer Guide Tow Kit

2" TJ Trailer Guide Tow Kit

* Makes hooking up to almost any trailer easy and a one person job
* Helps protect your bumper from missing alignment left or right
* Auto aligns trailer coupler directly over the tow ball
* Proudly made in the USA from 3/16" cold rolled American steel
* Patent Pending self-locking one piece design
* Fits 2" receiver
* Comes with 2" TJ Trailer Guide, 2" Ball Mount, 2" Tow Ball, 5/8" Pin & clip

* Guides are not bumpers, you must back up slowly to your trailer coupler and your trailer must be free to move ( trailer jack must be free to move and not buried or stuck in the ground) DO NOT ram the guide, doing so can cause damage to your guide.

**NOTE: Guide will not work with forged ball mounts or Bull Nose Trailer Coupler
See how to assemble TJ Trailer Guide video at https://www.tjtrailerguide.com/videos